Are you a glow babe?

Heya glow babes! Today, let’s take a look at what being a glow babe is all about. `A glow babe knows her own worth, and shows that through frequent self-love and self-care. Glow babes are empowered by their own fierce femininity, and the confidence and courage they gain through self-love gives them a boldness and bravery that should never be underestimated. Glow babes know that if they take care of themselves well enough that their glow shines out into the world, this glow becomes contagious. Glow babes lead the fight for healthy beauty through example, and know that beauty is not about looking a certain way, but about feeling happy and healthy in your own skin. That’s what gives a glow babe her distinctive and alluring glow.

Staying healthy while still juggling the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyle is difficult, but luckily us glow babes know that health relies on three things: hydration, nutrition, and exercise. Glow babes show their bodies love by making sure they drink enough water, and know how to balance a healthy, whole-food diet with the occasional decadent indulgence. Whether you are a marathon runner, a gym bunny, or just go for a brisk walk in the morning, glow babes know that even a little exercise  each day is a game-changer. And taking a day off only feels good when it is the exception, but that’s what makes it a treat.

Taking care of your body is a big part of staying healthy and happy, but glow babes take the time to care for their mental and emotional health too. Meditating every day helps keep glow babes centered and present and calm, allowing them to draw on their full fierceness when they have to. There are thousands of guided meditations on YouTube, and hundreds of apps – you can even learn to do walking or running meditation and take care of exercising at the same time. Glow babes know how to be efficient, and work smart because they know their time is valuable.

One last but very important part of what gives a glow babe her glow and helps her shine on everyone around her is time with others, and time with herself. Time spent with good friends, or quality time spent with yourself, are an important part of balancing your healthy and happy lifestyle. If your schedule is hectic, try including a set time in it for seeing a friend. If you have had a long day, soak in the tub or spend some time pampering yourself. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, everyone needs some time with people, and some time with themselves. A glow babe knows when her glow needs to be recharged, and when it is shining bright and begging to be shared.

If all of this sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry! You are already a glow babe, and FitForce is here to support you and every other glow babe out there to shine and spread their glow. Our blog is filled with useful lifestyle and health tips, and our range of products make it easy to take care of your inner glow by staying healthy, inside and out.

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