Hey there, glow babes! Have any of you also found that the sudden heat is making it just a little harder than usual to let your shine out at full brightness? Even the most beautiful flowers can wilt in the heat, but if you take care of yourself properly and follow this advice, your glow will stay undimmed in the brightest sunlight.

  • Always use a day cream with an SPF factor, and put sunscreen on any areas that are likely to be exposed to sunlight.
  • Drink plenty of water. Glow babes already know how important hydration is not only to health but also to beauty.
  • Remember, the difference between a healthy bronze tan and a skin carcinoma is limited exposure. Try not to be out in the sun for too long without taking a short break in the shade.
  • Stay cool when possible. Most of your resting calories are burnt to keep your body temperature up, which means that when it gets hot, a glow babe has to work slightly harder to maintain a healthy weight. Staying cool, and eating or drinking cold things help keep your metabolism active in the heat.
  • Make sure to support your healthy glow with enough collagen!

One of our favourite ways to stay cool and get our collagen in is through making our own delicious collagen popsicles. This is really very easy, and you can do it at home too.

Some general tips for the heat include:

You’ll need some collagen (you can use our berry or pink lemonade collagen for a zesty flavour base, or our unflavoured collagen if you want more control over the final flavour), some of your favourite fruit and the pulpiest fruit juice you can find, and a blender.

Just mix the fruit and fruit juice with your preferred collagen, and blend. Keep adding fruit until you end up with a pulpy, thick consistency. If you want to add some sweetness, you can add honey, and if you enjoy frozen yoghurt, you can add a bit of your favourite yoghurt instead of more fruit to thicken the mix. 

Pour your mix into a popsicle mould, or, if you don’t have one handy and don’t mind lollipop-sized popsicles, a normal ice tray and some carefully placed toothpicks work just as well. Just make sure you run the ice tray very quickly under hot water before trying to remove the cubes. Pop these in the freezer overnight, and the next time you are feeling hot and bothered, enjoy them as a healthy and glow-promoting snack to beat the heat. After experimenting a few times, you’ll find your ideal ratio of ingredients and be able to whip up your favourite fruity treats in no time.

Now, go try this and tell us about your results in the comments! But first, drink a glass of water. Like, now

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