Glow Giver initiative

At Fitforce, one of our goals is to empower and help ALL women feel their absolute best. This is not limited to our clients! There are so many young girls and women from underprivileged communities that deserve to feel healthy and have their basic needs met. This is where YOU can help give some glow to other girls and women in South Africa, and it won’t cost you a thing! All you have to do, is keep purchasing your favourite FitForce products.

We have teamed up with our dear friends at The Grey Foundation, to contribute towards sanitary pads for young women from impoverished communities. A percentage of YOUR purchase will go towards this amazing initiative!

Investing in girl’s education and health is important as it boosts their confidence, fosters economic growth and ensures they can positively contribute to global change. Sadly however, in some impoverished schools within South Africa, young girls are impacted by losing vital days of schooling during the days of their periods. A study shows that 88% of girls in South African schools have no access to sanitary pads, and that 1 in 3 girls miss approximately 4 days of school a month to avoid embarrassment and discomfort due to lack of access to sanitary pads. The root cause of this problem is poverty. When having to make the choice between buying food or sanitary pads, girls will frequently chose food, and supplement their need of sanitary pads with either torn strips of cloth, plants or old newspapers. There are thousands of girls in need of these basic items that we as women consider a basic necessity, Together WE can make a difference to these young girl’s lives by hand holding them through their schooling days by providing this basic necessity during their periods days to alleviate their discomfort or embarrassment caused by the lack of access to sanitary pads.

We thank all of our amazing FF clients for making this possible!

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