Hear From an OG #glowbabe

Hi gorgeous ! We had the pleasure of speaking to a boss from our #glowgang. The star of todays show is Yasira Saley and of course our trusty collagen with added Vit C. We conducted a tiny interview with a consistent user of FitForce products to give you real feedback and real results.

  1. What is your go to Fitforce product?

“My go to Fitforce product would most definitely be the Berry blast flavoured marine collagen with added in Vit C – its my holy grail and my day is not complete without it. I have recently started using the glutathione capsules as well and i am in love with what i am seeing ! “

2. How long have you been consistently using our products?

” My migration to the #glowgang occurred in May 2021, this means that i’ve been using Fitforce for 4 consecutive months now! It was the best decision i’ve made since probably marrying my husband 😉

3. Tell us about the taste of the product – allow us to make you drool ?

“Fitforce is hands down the best collagen I have ever tasted ( i have tried quite a few ). It tastes like raspberry jelly and makes me want to add healthy things into my body!”

4. Besides the taste of the product, why do you swear by Fitforce? What results have you seen?

“Fitforce collagen has resulted in less hair fall and amazing hair growth- to be oddly specific my hair has grown 7cm since using this amazing product. I have recently added glutathione into the mix and i have noticed: the marks on my face are significantly lighter and my skin has been clearing up. I stopped all Fitforce products for about 3 weeks and noticed how sluggish and dull i was without the products.”

5. Would you recommend Fitforce?

“100000000% YES, I like products that do what they say they’re going to do! Fitforce ticks so many of my boxes: it is by a woman for women, it tastes and looks amazing, the results are noticeable- like any lifestyle choice to see results you need to be consistent!”

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