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Hey glow babes! Today, we want to take a moment to showcase a new addition to the FitForce brand – introducing our Absolute Protein supplement shake. Glow babes already know the importance of nutrition in maintaining health and wellness, but getting the right amount of the right kind of protein every day can be very challenging. It was with meeting this challenge in mind that FitForce developed the Absolute Protein shake. But before we look at the benefits of this product, let’s take a quick dip into how proteins work and why they are so important.

All complex life is made up of proteins, which are themselves made up of strings of amino acids called peptides. When your body ingests food with protein, this protein is broken down into its component amino acids, and these are then recombined into new proteins used to repair and maintain the cells of your body. Without protein, your body wouldn’t be able to maintain itself or repair any damage it might sustain. The importance of protein in your diet cannot be stressed enough – without a steady supply, your body is doomed. But this can be trickier than you think. A good protein should perform well on at least two levels – how digestible it is, and how complete it is.

One of the biggest changes in the history of the human diet came about when we started cooking our food. Cooking food makes it considerably more digestible, which means that you can now get more nutrition with less energy from the same food. One of the big benefits of cooking, especially cooking meat, was that it made the proteins much more digestible. This meant that our bodies could break down the proteins more easily and completely. Different cooking methods have different effects on the digestibility of the protein, as does the source of the protein. In short, a small amount of the right kind of protein prepared in the right way can do more for your body than a huge amount of protein that is hard to digest or break down and so mostly goes to waste.

If you have ever tried a vegan diet, you are likely already familiar with complete and incomplete proteins. By ‘complete’, all we mean is that a protein contains all the amino acids essential to the human body. Most animal proteins are incomplete, but this can be overcome by combining certain foods – for example, almost any type of legume and almost any type of rice, when eaten together, contain all the essential amino acids and so work as a complete protein. Soy is such a popular plant protein because it is one of very few complete plant proteins. While most animal proteins are complete, many plant proteins are easier to digest, so it is generally a good idea to get your protein from a variety of sources. Your liver is also able to store broken down amino acids for days and combine them into complete proteins when the missing amino acids arrive.

Our Absolute Protein uses 100% pure whey as its complete protein source, and is prepared in a way that ensures maximum digestibility. Whey protein in particular has been shown to have positive effects on the hair, skin, and nails, so this shake really is made to help a glow babe shine.

Run, jump, skip or hop on your way towards this new product – grab it tight and don’t let it our of your your hands!

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