Absolute Collagen


PURE MARINE COLLAGEN. No vit C, no flavouring. FitForce uses only the cleanest, premium quality collagen peptides. Our collagen goes through approval testing to ensure you are getting a product that is safe and free of harmful substances. 10 000 mg per serving. Can be taken on its own, or as a 2nd serving during the day, if you are also taking our berry collagen + Vit C.


10000mg pure marine collagen.

Suggested use:

Use as a “top up” to increase your collagen dosage. When taking the collagen + Vit C, you can use ABSOLUTE as a second collagen serving for the day by adding it to your beverages, baking or smoothies. Usage as a top up: 1/2 to 1 serving a day.

Usage when taking Absolute on its own:

Take one to two servings a day in your tea, coffee, juice, smoothies or yogurt.



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