Dream Dew sleeping mask


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All about DREAM DEW:

Dream dew is an over night sleeping mask that will hydrate, nourish and brighten your skin. It contains Bakuchiol and a Superfruit blend.

Wake up to dreamy skin 😍


Bakuchiol is plant derived, it’s an antioxidant found in the seeds and leaves of the plant Psoralea Corylifolia.


bakuchiol helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and helps with pigmentation, elasticity, and firmness.

It works through the same receptors that retinol uses, which is why many refer to it as a natural retinol alternative.


it’s a natural, plant-derived alternative to a retinoid or retinol, which is a vitamin A-based chemical that helps improve the turnover of skin cells and stimulates collagen synthesis for smoother and more radiant skin.


Bakuchiol has similar properties but is gentler on skin and is less likely to cause irritation. It can help renew collagen and improve skin tone and texture, and may be a safer alternative to retinol for people experiencing acne, hyperpigmentation, and sensitive skin.

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