The Gift That Gives Back

Chances are, if you are reading this then you already appreciate the value of being a glow babe. But the holiday season is coming up, now is the time to share the benefits of your glow with those friends and family who could use a little boost in their shine.

We all know that being a glow babe is about much more than using the right products, but we also know that the right products help, and are a great place to start. If the person you have in mind is new to the world of health and fitness, our variety of choices might seem overwhelming. This is where an experienced glow babe can give the gift of her own experience along with some products to start a new person down the road to a healthy glow.

We know our glow comes from two sources: what we put into our bodies, and what we do with our bodies. A great place for anyone to start polishing their shine is by exercising, but we all have friends or family that have fallen out of their exercise routines because of the unpredictable lockdowns and gym access. We are currently running a sale on our fitness equipment, all of which can be used to tone, sculpt, and stay fit in the comfort of your living room. Consider a combination of our Gliders and one of our Resistance Band packs, which will give them everything they need to take care of their own fitness. If you want to introduce them to the other source of their glow, start them off with our Absolute Glow Combo, and watch their glow emerge in no time. 

If the person you have in mind is already comfortable in the world of health and fitness, but hasn’t yet gone full glow babe, or even if you know a glow babe you want to encourage to keep up her shine, we also have gift cards that can be customised to suit any budget.

 Finally, if you know any new-mothers-to-be who are due soon, this is the perfect occasion to introduce them to our Post Partum mom’s guide, to help them find their new motherly glow.

Glow babes are always sharing their glow with the world, but this time of year is the time for gifts, and if you aren’t sure what to get for those special people in your life, can you think of any better gift than the confident shine of a glow babe?

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